/etc/groups : A Graphical Browser And Search Engine For Networks

/etc/groups is a web application made with prefuse for the visualization of big sets of data, mainly aimed at visualizing groups and organizations and the relations between them. It has been developped in the context of the memory project, a project to analyze social movements who participated to social forums. It offers features of data filtering and a graphical search engine, that makes it useful for using it as a yellow page directory.
It evolved to its version 1.0 from which it's capable to visualize many types of networks : networks of individuals, projects, ... giving the possibility to the user to define its own data structures and to fill them on-line. It also offers, from this version on, several types of layouts : geographical, radial, force directed or random.
This project comes in the form of a java applet that use graphML files or a JDBC/SQL connection for accessing the data and you need to install the java plugin for the full experience.

Use of groups filters in /etc/groups version 0.1.

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